Rules/Boat Classes


First and foremost sportsmanship and safety are the top priorities. At the end of the day, the satisfaction you get from assisting a competitor in need will last far longer than the joy you will get from placing higher at the finish. We will also frown on blocking, interfering or taking any shortcuts with regard to safety.

Have fun! You may be disqualified if, at any time, someone sees that you are NOT HAVING FUN!


Each participant must carry or wear a PFD (life jacket).
Each participant must also carry an attention-getting noisemaker, such as a whistle on a lanyard.
Participants may also find bailers, compasses, a chart of the area and a cell phone useful.
Remember to bring the fluids or food you plan to consume during the event.
Those of you planning to remain in the race in fog must have a chart, compass/GPS, and whistle/noise maker.

Boat Classes:


The kayak classification will be based on a system originated by the Sound Rowers, a consortium of race organizers in the Puget Sound area. In this system, kayaks are classified into one of three categories based on waterline length to width ratio. Those boats with a L:W ratio less than 9.25:1 are in the Sea Kayak class (SK); between 9.25:1 to 10.99:1 are in the Fast Sea Kayak class (FSK); greater than 10.99:1 are in the High Performance Kayak class (HPK)”.

You will be placed in an appropriate category by the race committee based on the information you provide about your boat on your registration form. We ask that when you register, you provide exact information about the manufacturer and model of your boat, so that we can reference our copy of the Sound Rowers’ classification list for known boats. (I.E.: please don’t enter an “Epic Kayak”, rather, enter “Epic 16X Sport”, or “Epic V10 Surf Ski”).

All boats of similar dimensions will end up in the same classes.

There are no kayak class distinctions based on paddle type. All paddle types (wing or straight blade) of any material (composite or wood) are acceptable in all classes. We encourage you to choose all of your equipment (boat, paddle, pfd, etc.) based on your own skills and capabilities, and with your main consideration towards personal safety and comfort. (Note that the breadth of boat profiles in each category allows most individuals the option to change boats the day of the race while staying in the same class – for example, a person who registered in the Unlimited class on a Mako Millennium surf ski can change to a Futura II on race day and remain in the same class.)

For more detailed information on the Sound Rowers system, go to Sound Rowers. All classification questions / concerns must be addressed prior to race date. For more information on measuring waterline length go to Sea Kayaker Magazine.


There will be men’s and women’s singles (OC-1), men’s, women’s and mixed doubles (OC-2) plus one class for OC-6. We’ll have a “puna” classification to make an age break at 50 and older so as to not take unfair advantage of the less experienced paddlers. Age for registration purposes will be your age as of 12/31/2010.

Rowing Shells:
Please keep in mind we will allow only ocean worthy shells. If there is any question, please ask.

Single Sculls
We think two classes for sliding seat sculling will suffice. If entries warrant a change, we will add a third class (for shorter shells). Championship trophies will be awarded for men’s and women’s open classes. In all classes there will be an age break at 50 years, and ribbons will be awarded to the winners of these “senior” classes. Age for registration purposes will be your age as of 12/31/2010.

OW I (Open Water I) is any boat 22′ long or less
OW II (Open Water II) is any boat greater than 22′ long

Double Sculls
Championship trophies will be awarded to men’s, women’s and mixed double shells. Here, too, we have a “senior” class for boats whose composite age is greater than 50 years, and ribbons will be awarded in these classes.

Fixed Seat Rowing

In the spirit of “the more the merrier” we invite racers in fixed seat craft. Depending on entries, we’ll define classes to ensure fair competition among you. Look for single, double, four, six and eight seat classes. When you register, please provide detailed description of your boat in the “boat description” field.


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