Posted by: evergreenrowing | June 23, 2010

Photos by Michael Lampi of post-race awards

Michael is the official photographer for Sound Rowers and Paddlers. Michael competes in a recumbent bike-powered craft of his own design (see Open Water Cycling), and this allows his hands to be free to also take pictures from the race course. For this race, we hired Joel Rogers to take pictures, and we encouraged Michael to focus on racing. So, Michael’s pictures are solely from the post-race festivities.



  1. Just a note to say Thank You! again to all the organizers and volunteers who successfully executed the NAOWRC. Port Townsend is a beautiful town with all the amenities for a great rowing venue. The Rat Island race was a fun event as well. It represented a very close community of good people who know how to have a good time. Over-all a great weekend.

    If your future plans call for a trip along the central coast of California please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at the Santa Cruz Rowing Club. We will be happy to welcome you and get out on the Monterey Bay with you for a row.

    Tom Dexel
    Past President
    Santa Cruz Rowing Club.

  2. Will there be an opportunity to see the photos that Joel Rogers took during the race?

    • Yes! As soon as we get them, we’ll share them. Others, too, have taken pictures, and we look forward to sharing them, too. Stand by for some fun photos. Those who hung around the Maritime Center to help clean up were able to see the first 50 of Joel’s pictures. He took many as the fleet went past the Pt. Wilson lighthouse… the first bumpy water of the day, and those pictures are very cool.


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