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After much discussion we’ve decided to try an every-other year format. After considerable discussion, it’s decided to hold the NAOWRC on alternate years. This will give us the time and resources to put together another memorable event. See you in 2013!

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2011 Blackburn housing?

Housing for visiting rowers?

Sure – we’ll do the same as we did last time (i.e. host families). We’ll assign a point person for that and let y’all know who it is.


Rich Klajnscek, P.Eng.
Sea Fox Consulting, LLC
6 Sea Fox Lane
Gloucester, MA 01930

Skype: rklajnscek


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NAOWRC 6 in 2011



The Blackburn Challenge, to be held on July 23 this year, is the premier human-powered open-water event on the east coast of North America. In 2011 the event will be especially exciting. Not only is it the silver anniversary running of the event, but is also the 6th annual North American Open Water Rowing Championship (NAOWRC).


One of the reasons why this event has been recognized as one of the best open water races in America is due to the venue – a 20 mile circumnavigation of Cape Ann Massachusetts – a course that inevitably serves up a wide variety of conditions on the water. The first three or so miles of the race are along the protected and tidal Annisquam River, resulting in something akin to a head race, but with plenty more interesting obstacles to avoid (mooring and navigation buoys, boats, docks, etc.) and a 17 mile open water race after it. Once the river empties into the open waters of Ipswich Bay, the wind strength and direction play a decisive role in determining the conditions of the day, which range from relative calm (it’s never a flat water event) to very rough (staying upright and afloat trump the idea of competition). The last couple of miles from the Dogbar Breakwater at the entrance of Gloucester Harbor to Pavillion Beach, are usually plagued by confused boat wakes from numerous fishing, whale watch and pleasure boats going in all directions. Each year at the Blackburn brings us a very different story, making the event so interesting for open-water aficionados. One thing that thankfully remains the same each year is the fun time after finishing – cold beer, massages, good music and food and the inevitable harrowing stories from the event. This is an event not to be missed!


All event information may be found at the event website:


Rich Klajnscek

President, Cape Ann Rowing Club



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Townsend Challenge 2010 hats for sale!

Evergreen Rowing is selling the remaining hats from this year’s race. They are gray, Patagonia high performance hats with 30SPF protection. They feature the NAOWRC logo in 4 colors on one side and the text “Townsend Challenge 2010” on the other. Small, Medium, and Large sizes are available. The cost is $20 plus postage. Contact steve at

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A Fun Account of the race

Check out this fun writeup by Jordan Hanssen of his experience in the Townsend Challenge. And then follow their developing adventure as Jordan, Adam, Greg and Rick shift their focus to racing across the Atlantic next year.

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The 6th NAOWRC will be contested at the 25th running of the Blackburn Challenge around Cape Ann, MA. See you there!

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Joel Rogers photography

Photos at the Townsend Challenge/NAOWRC by Joel Rogers are now available:

part I

part II

There may be some duplicates between the two pages which we will get cleaned up, but wanted to get them posted.  Enjoy!

Here’s what Joel has told us about getting copies of his pictures: “Should any rowers request images used or displayed by Sound Rowers and the NAOWRC sites that right is granted for the 700 pixel across jpgs that I have sent. Should the same rowers desire a larger file image or a print, they can contact me for purchase using my e-mail:  As stated at the event I’ll charge $15 for sending a larger file size to them. If they want me to do prints, mailings etc the price has to be negotiated.”

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Allison Kidder’s photo album

Allison has provided 310 pictures! Here’s the link:

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Port Townsend Leader coverage

Here’s a link to a 12-photo gallery that is now published online in the Port Townsend Leader. There also is a long article in yesterday’s paper by Patrick Sullivan which captures nicely the community building effects of our race.

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Photos by Michael Lampi of post-race awards

Michael is the official photographer for Sound Rowers and Paddlers. Michael competes in a recumbent bike-powered craft of his own design (see Open Water Cycling), and this allows his hands to be free to also take pictures from the race course. For this race, we hired Joel Rogers to take pictures, and we encouraged Michael to focus on racing. So, Michael’s pictures are solely from the post-race festivities.

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